You've got
you need.
You just didn't

– Glinda the Good Witch
from The Wizard of Oz

Success Story

"By helping me to stand back from my situation, value myself, be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone and really believe in myself, Carrie has made an incredible difference to my life. She has enabled me to break free from my own expectations of myself and how I should be and find inner power and resolve to do things my way. I am now making the most of each and every day, loving life and my newly created business and ready to face new challenges!"
Anne Hale

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So are you ready to create a luscious life?

A luscious life is one where you feel great about yourself, enjoy life to the full, create wonderful relationships, find greater success in your work, live generously and abundantly AND having fun doing it. 

bullet Maybe you know you can do so much more, you just need the confidence and self-belief to make it happen
bullet Maybe you’re ready for a break-through in life but something is holding you back
bullet Maybe you long to have a luscious life but you haven’t a clue how to go about it

Now just imagine living a Luscious Life where you feel great about who you are, know what you want to do and how you want to live and you damn well get out there and DO it. A life where you’re in the driver’s seat, heading in an exciting direction (yes, that one you’ve been dreaming about for so long!), creating greater financial abundance AND enjoying the view along the way.

The great news is this is all possible for YOU and I will help you get there.

Working with me you’ll find your confidence and self-belief growing heaps.  You’ll start to actually DO those things you’ve been dreaming of for years (or figure out what the heck you DO want). AND feel more like YOU than you’ve felt in a long time – knowing that YOU is a great person to be.

Your journey to a Luscious Life begins with your  ‘First Steps To A Luscious Life’ session.  To arrange that, just pick up the phone (01285 862158), e-mail me at, send a carrier pigeon.  It doesn’t matter how, just get in touch so I can lovingly help you to live that Luscious Life.

Wishing you the best,


P.S. Go on, treat yourself to my book.  It really is A Simple Guide To Living A Happier Life.