You've got
you need.
You just didn't

– Glinda the Good Witch
from The Wizard of Oz

Success Story

"By helping me to stand back from my situation, value myself, be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone and really believe in myself, Carrie has made an incredible difference to my life. She has enabled me to break free from my own expectations of myself and how I should be and find inner power and resolve to do things my way. I am now making the most of each and every day, loving life and my newly created business and ready to face new challenges!"
Anne Hale

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That Gratitude Business

So much has been written about gratitude that I hardly dare dip my toe in the already very crowded waters.  However, there are some things I’ve been experiencing recently which are very simple yet have made such a difference to my life and my understanding of gratitude.  I thought it would be helpful to […]

What's your glass ceiling?


My whole life has changed in the last month or so.  Well, one small-but-very-significant part anyway.  My son is now going to Big School.  What this means for me is that I get up an hour earlier (bad news) but have an hour extra to meditate and exercise (good news indeed!).

As I no […]

Life Lessons from a Banana Boat


Summer holidays are now over and there’s a definite autumnal feeling in the air.  I’ve seen my son off to Big School on his first day (yes, I cried) and now want to re-connect with you.

I hope your summer was a good one, with some sunny memories to carry you into the shorter […]

What's in your soul?


A gorgeous client came today with a hand-picked posy of flowers from her garden for me (you know who you are and thank you again!).  I was touched, uplifted and felt somehow joyful at the sight of them.  This client then told me “I can’t live without flowers.”  She went on to say that she’s […]

This is what I do


I wanted to write this week about what I do as a counsellor and coach because this is not ultimately about me (well, it is in a way) but about you and what I have to say may surprise you.

Yes, I’ve done lots of training, gained diplomas and certificates galore but actually none of […]

How good can your life be?


I’m playing a game with myself at the moment.  It’s called “How good can my life be?”  The aim of the game is to see, day by day, moment by moment, just how good I can make my experience of life.

There are two reason for playing the game.

Firstly, I’m coming to the […]

Are you being selfish?


Now, I’d like to nail this once and for all but I think I’m unlikely to do that. Nevertheless I’m going to have a damn good try to help you believe that you’re not selfish.

You see, this is one of the most common cries from my clients when I encourage them to do […]

What my son's hamster taught me about fear


What could my son’s hamster, Rex, possibly have to do with helping you to live a happier, more rewarding and fulfilling life (and teaching me about fear)? You know, all that stuff that I’m so passionate about sharing.

Well, it was like this. I’d gone into his (my son’s!) bedroom for some reason and […]

What's love got to do with it?


I had a session with my wonderful reflexologist recently (I’ve got happy feet now and the rest of me’s feeing pretty good too!) She shared with me a question that the inspirational author and speaker, Wayne Dyer, suggested we ask ourselves. It’s this:

“How does love wish to express itself through me today?”

What a […]

What's your life purpose?


I’ve just finished running my latest Midlife Mastery course at the inspirational Isbourne Foundation – and what a privilege and a pleasure it was to support, nurture and inspire a group of gorgeous women (only they didn’t quite know that about themselves to start with) to be the best they can be.

One participant, […]