You've got
you need.
You just didn't

– Glinda the Good Witch
from The Wizard of Oz

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"By helping me to stand back from my situation, value myself, be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone and really believe in myself, Carrie has made an incredible difference to my life. She has enabled me to break free from my own expectations of myself and how I should be and find inner power and resolve to do things my way. I am now making the most of each and every day, loving life and my newly created business and ready to face new challenges!"
Anne Hale

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My Story

Where the caring began

I think it all started with my father. He was such a caring man.  A GP who was much loved by his patients and would think nothing of calling round at 11pm to see how they were and fetch some coal in for them (and as an indication of just how much he was loved, they didn’t seem to mind!)16 copy2

So my father cared deeply about others but somehow couldn’t give that same care to himself. He had a big and generous heart but when it came to loving himself, that was another matter.

And then I came along, inheriting, I believe, his care and compassion for others but wanting to do the self-care bit differently. I could see how his lack of self-love had been damaging and destructive and I recognised that in order to live our lives to the full, to give and receive love and experience fulfilment, we need to start with valuing, respecting and loving ourselves.

I had also seen how his negative self-view had leaked out into his marriage to my mother and caused much pain – for both of them. Even from an early age, I knew there had to be a better way for people to have relationships too.

There has to be more to life…

Fast-forward from childhood to me at seventeen. A seemingly happy, fashion-led, boy-mad schoolgirl. Much like your average schoolgirl then. Except I remember thinking very clearly “There has to be more to life than this?” and then somehow I managed to bury the question for another ten years. Easily done. Some people manage it for a lifetime. It is, after all, a tricky and challenging question to answer. But then a friend nagged, cajoled and twisted my arm to take part in a personal development seminar called ‘Insight’ and my path was set. It was sometimes rocky and occasionally it petered out, but it was a path that couldn’t be ‘got off’ (no matter how hard I tried at times!).

I realised during that seminar that, apart from the occasional existential question about the meaning of life (ten years earlier), I hadn’t paid much attention to my inner world at all. I barely recognised that it even existed, let alone realised just how much impact and control it had over how I saw and experienced my life. That seminar opened up a whole new world for me – the world of my inner self. All the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas I had about who I was and how the world around me functioned were suddenly highlighted. So I went from not even knowing that I had all of this inside me to beginning to recognise just how much all this ‘inner stuff’ shaped my sense of self and the world as I saw it.

Finding true happiness and fulfilment

Even then for a good few years I continued to ignore my deeper calling and had several fun and interesting careers, from TV scriptwriter to running my own interior design business, but none of them ultimately ‘did it’ for me. I knew there was something more that I was supposed to be doing, something that would be truly fulfilling but hadn’t connected my caring for others with a career. It was a broken heart (or so I called it at the time) that lead me to look more deeply within myself as to what true happiness and fulfilment might look like and I finally realised that I wanted to help others to find it, just as I was searching for it myself.

I embarked on a 3-year post graduate diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling  followed by a counselling diploma and couples counselling training. I’d finally found it – my life purpose! I think it’s in my DNA to want to impart knowledge to others, to support, nurture and inspire people to live happier, more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Everything we need is already there

Since then (I graduated in 2000), I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people to help them towards happiness, fulfilment, achievement and meaningful success. It has been the most amazing journey where my clients have taught me so much as I’ve worked with and supported them. I think if I could sum it up, I’ve learnt that the human heart and spirit is indomitable. No matter how black and hopeless things might seem, there is always the spark of possibility and potential within us. Everything we need is already there. We just need help to find it sometimes. I know too, without exception, that we all have so much to offer, so many gifts and talents, such a rich life to experience – if we would only let ourselves. We do get in our own way, we humans, and it is my huge pleasure to support my clients to shift their butts so that they can see the true them more clearly.

When I was a child I had a recurring film playing in my head that if only I could find a high enough mountain and scream loudly enough “STOP!” then all the wars and fighting in the world would end. I actually believed that I had the power in me to make that happen – if only I could find that mountain.

In a way, I still have that same conviction today. Beneath my layers of ‘human-ness’– my self-doubt, fear, uncertainty – there’s a part of me that believes I have the power and ability to change the world. And so does everyone else.

Carrie Rose