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Martina Navratilova

Success Story

"Carrie’s course has helped me to realise my true dreams and that they are 100 per cent achievable. The course has left me believing in myself, has given me the confidence to enjoy every day of my life and I truly now have everything I need to achieve everything I want. The responsibility lies with me and me alone and Carrie has armed me with all the tools I'm ever going to need."
Laura Rettie

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Success Story

"By helping me to stand back from my situation, value myself, be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone and really believe in myself, Carrie has made an incredible difference to my life. She has enabled me to break free from my own expectations of myself and how I should be and find inner power and resolve to do things my way. I am now making the most of each and every day, loving life and my newly created business and ready to face new challenges!"
Anne Hale

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“Carrie’s simple practical advice is gold dust in terms of helping us all discover how to be happy on a daily basis . I am a big fan."

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Your Luscious Life

YOU’RE here because:

bullet You know that some how, some way life isn’t what it should be

bullet Your self-confidence and self-belief have taken a dip

bullet You’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way

bullet You long for so much more but how and what?

bullet You’ve been putting everyone else first and now it’s time for you


I’M here to help you to have a Luscious Life.

Here’s what I offer.  See which sounds best for you.


Your 30 Day Luscious Life Mini Makeover

Finding out what you want, what to do about it, and how not to get tripped up along the way

This is for those of you who want to give yourself a kick-start towards your Luscious Life.

Over the course of a month (in 4 jam-packed sessions) we’ll identify what would make the most difference to YOUR life (is it confidence, clarity about what you DO want, taking action?   What are the most important things for YOU?)

Then we’ll create a plan to put that into action and have you shooting out of the door after each session raring to go.

By the end of the 30 days you’ll:

bullet Be crystal clear about what you want and how to get it
bullet Have a plan and tools to make it happen
bullet Be excited and inspired about  the future
bullet Feel good about yourself and who you are
bullet Be so glad you came!

Like to know more?  Contact me on 01285 862158 or carrie@onelifeyourlifeloveit.com.  I’d love to help you get to where you want to be.


Your 60 Day Luscious Life Maxi Makeover

Create life-changing results, become excited about being YOU, gain confidence and self-belief along the way

This is for those of you who want a more intensive experience of creating your Luscious Life.

We’ll do everything that’s in the 30 day Mini Makeover only more so!  Over the course of 60 days you’ll be changing the way you think about life and what’s possible, doing more than you dreamed of, and feeling great about yourself in the process.  I will also be there with you, supporting, encouraging, inspiring (and at times nagging) you along the way as you overcome the challenges and take the steps that lead you towards a life you love.

At the end of the 60 days you’ll:

bullet know exactly what you want and how to go about getting it
bullet know what gets in your way and how to side-step it
bullet be creating a great life that works for YOU
bullet be motivated and inspired to achieve what you’ve set out to do
bullet have gained more confidence and self-belief along the way

You’ll also have VIP e-mail access to me in between sessions to support you in whatever way you need.

You want to know more?  Contact me on 01285 862158 or carrie@onelifeyourlifeloveit.com   I’d love to help you get to where you want to be.


Your Luscious Life VIP 1/2 Day

It’s all about you, what you want, how to have it, and creating an inspired plan to assist you along the way

Imagine a whole half-day (can you have a whole half?) devoted entirely to you – to your wants and needs, your hopes and dreams, and how to make it all happen.

By the end of your Luscious Life VIP ½ Day you’ll:

bullet know what you want and how to get it
bullet feel good about yourself and what you have to offer the world
bullet be excited about a future that works for you
bullet have a step-by-step plan with clear next steps to creating a Luscious Life
bullet walk out of the door feeling motivated and inspired

Want to know more?  Contact me on 01285 862158 or carrie@onelifeyourlifeloveit.com.  I’d love to help you get to where you want to be.