You've got
you need.
You just didn't

– Glinda the Good Witch
from The Wizard of Oz

Success Story

"By helping me to stand back from my situation, value myself, be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone and really believe in myself, Carrie has made an incredible difference to my life. She has enabled me to break free from my own expectations of myself and how I should be and find inner power and resolve to do things my way. I am now making the most of each and every day, loving life and my newly created business and ready to face new challenges!"
Anne Hale

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Success Stories


“Carrie has helped me to take a step back and think about what I truly want from life – or, more to the point, what I don’t  want! With her support, wisdom and encouragement, I have been able to assess what was stopping me from making those little changes that would make such a difference; by taking one step at a time Carrie even helped me to find the insight and courage to leave a dead-end, exhausting, thankless job and set up my own small business as a Private Tutor. My little business has really taken off and I am thrilled that I have a job I love, gives me an excellent income, great job satisfaction and the freedom to arrange my work around my home and family too. I finally feel that my life is in my control and I am so much happier with the balance I now enjoy.

By helping me to stand back from my situation, value myself, be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone and really believe in myself, Carrie has made an incredible difference to my life. She has enabled me to break free from my own expectations of myself and how I should be and find inner power and resolve to do things my way. I am now making the most of each and every day, loving life and ready to face new challenges!

I cannot thank Carrie enough for her fabulous support in helping me to live a life I love!”   Anne Hale


“Carrie has helped me to realise my true dreams and that they are 100 per cent achievable. She has left me believing in myself, has given me the confidence to enjoy every day of my life and I truly now have everything I need to achieve everything I want. The responsibility lies with me and me alone and Carrie has armed me with all the tools I’m ever going to need.”  Laura Rettie


“You have made me realise that the old me is still there, but was just very buried – I can see myself now as an adult who still has a tremendous amount of living left to do.  You have made me feel positive and confident about myself again. Thank you.”  Nicki Houghton


“Through regular sessions and with unfailing constant support, Carrie managed to unravel and build my life again.  She brought me back to myself rather than the person I had become. I was able to start to find my happiness and joys and able to experience the pleasures of life and to breath and be truly alive.

I rediscovered me!  Then, Carrie helped me map out the life I really wanted to live rather than the life I had been living which, although was necessary at the time, had stolen my options and ability to understand what was happening to me.

I am now confidently living the life I dreamed off without stress,worry or disquiet.  I am happy, contented and listen more to me and then make choices without ignoring that inner voice.  I do, of course, occasionally have the negative noise return, in my head, but I now have the tools and knowledge to acknowledge them but, then deal with them in a positive manner and carry on, without slipping backwards, as before.

I have a new job that fulfils all of my dreams, yet utilising my skills.  I have also started my own business which fulfils my creative side,which I had not been able to fulfil for 20years.

I can only say that Carrie not only saved my life but also gave me back the life I had always wanted to live.  I am forever in her debt and every day I still remember how blessed I am to have met her and turn my world around.  Thank you does not say enough but they are the only words I can find and they are said with all my heart.  Thank you Carrie.”   Susie Hambleton


“It had been suggested that I may benefit from some counselling or life coaching. I was unwilling to acknowledge that I needed any help to find myself again, regain my confidence and most importantly feel happier. But I reluctantly agreed to book my first session and was very cynical about whether it would help.

I was completely wrong and during our sessions my understanding of where “me” had gone became clearer, my confidence grew and I had a very clear “lightbulb moment” when I suddenly found me!

I may not have changed a great deal in my life but I am now able to see what I have and I love it, so actually I have everything I need! I will hopefully find new challenges and will use my new acquired skills to help me deal with situations that may arise in a much more balanced way.

I’m 110% happy with the outcome of my sessions, feel I’ve come a long way and the journey has been such an exciting experience.

Many thanks Carrie for all your support.” Christine James



“Midlife Mastery was a wonderfully helpful and supportive workshop.  I feel stronger, calmer, determined and equipped to face the difficulties in my life a present.”  Serena More


“Many of the changes needed are really quite small and therefore manageable but it takes a course like Midlife Mastery to have time to even think about them.”  Charlotte Broules


“The Midlife Mastery workshop has made a significant positive difference to my life.  As someone very familiar with coaching and personal development techniques, I was very impressed with Carrie’s deceptively simple model and the exercises she included.  These were easy to grasp but very powerful, quickly resulting in significant insights.  The workshop not only provided rare space and time to think but also offers a structure to articulate to my husband what I shall be working on, thus gaining his understanding and support.”  Carol Christmas


“This Midlife Mastery workshop does what it says on the tine!  All aspects discussed are relevant and covered in detail.  Carrie gives simple, practical steps as to how to improve the rest of our lives!  A day well-spent and remembered.  Thank you so much.”  Maria Goddard


“During the Autumn of 2013, I enrolled on Carrie’s group course and benefitted greatly from Carrie’s support and that of the group during that period.  I had experienced major life changing events prior to that and, although feeling relatively strong, was keen to be supported professionally as I embarked on what was effectively building a new life.

Carrie’s skills in counselling & life coaching blend seamlessly and I felt that it was important to carry on with her professional support at the end of the group course because it was obvious that there was a great deal to come to terms with and re-evaluate in my life.

As we embarked on the course of private sessions, neither of us knew that I would be facing yet another deeply personal and serious crisis that was not of my making but which affected me and, indirectly, my family enormously.  If this crisis had not happened, the focus of our sessions would have been largely on the professional and business side of my new life.   As it was, the crisis became the dominant subject of all our sessions with a small percentage of time being available for other aspects.

I was extremely fortunate that Carrie was there for me during that time.  I was aware of that at the time but, now that the crisis is over, I can stand back from it all and see that the resultant outcome would not have been as positive and conclusive as it is if I had not had Carrie’s support throughout.   I feel proud of the way that I handled various events and issues during that crisis and Carrie enabled me to recognise how deeply I had to dig to survive and emerge at the other end wiser and, in a way, stronger.

Carrie is able to maintain a professional distance and detachment in a gentle kindly way and I have always felt extremely comfortable and relaxed with her.  Her calmness belies all that must be going on internally as she absorbs and digests and retains what is being said.  Her analysis of situations is always true and honest and effective.

When I am ready I will be seeking her help again – with an emphasis on the life coaching – as I know that her support will be valuable.

My life has been greatly enhanced through meeting Carrie and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others whatever their challenge might be.”   Sue B


“When I first joined Carrie’s course I wasn’t sure what I would get out of it, or even why I was there really – I felt like my life was going well and I didn’t see any need to make it bigger, better or bolder. However, over the eight sessions I realised I had a lot of limiting beliefs which were holding me back, and I also long-standing fears that were acting as barriers preventing me from achieving too much in life, because I was scared of where that might take me. Through Carrie’s caring and sensitive coaching and the support of my fellow course members, I’ve made huge steps towards being the confident woman I deserve to be. I’ve already achieved more than I ever dreamed possible, and my life is changing in exciting ways.”  Alison Thompson


“I started on the second session and this was a testament to Carrie for her belief in the course.  I’m so glad I ‘gave it a go’.  On completion I had received the information, encouragement, motivation and inspiration to make a life-changing decision.  I wholeheartedly recommend Carrie’s course as a spring board back to life.”  Lorraine Heath


“Carrie’s course is inspirational and can make big changes in your life. It makes you look at and appreciate what is important to you and, as a result, become much happier and content and determined to find what you really want.”  Julie Nicholls


“Carrie’s course has been an inspirational experience for me.  It allowed me to really focus on what I wanted to do and, certainly important in my case, dare to dream.  The way Carrie had structured our sessions building the various topics for each get-together, was done in such a way that it challenged me to look at the fears blocking me on a deep and often unconscious level.  The outcome of the course for me was very surprising.  What I had assumed I would be focussing on turned out to be something very different.  It allowed me to open up to a new phase of my life which I somehow had only allowed to ‘sit’ right at the back of my awareness.  Now I can move on down this new path.

Another valued and added bonus was the lovely and supportive group I was part of.  Being heard, witnessed and witnessing others is a very powerful experience.

Carrie has used her extensive counselling and coaching background and experience to create a hugely enjoyable and life-changing course.  Thank you Carrie.  For anyone thinking of doing it – make your dreams come true.”   Gunilla Thor-Finch


“Following a difficult and sad time in my life, Carrie Rose’s 8 session course, over 16 weeks, has provided a safe and supportive yet highly challenging and thought-provoking environment which has produced positive results right from the start.  I am consciously making better decisions and achieving things that a few months ago would have been unthinkable.  In particular, I am really enjoying putting myself into the position of stepping way outside of my comfort zone to participate in activities, events & relationships that I would not have considered before and, as a result, my life is immediately becoming so much more interesting, worthwhile and fun!   People really notice how happy, confident and at peace I am now and are so pleased for me.  Goodness knows where it will take me!   Carrie Rose is very skilled at running this course and I am indebted to her for the resultant positive changes in my life.

An extra bonus is the ongoing support and friendship of the other participants on the course.  We have shared some very special moments and plan to keep in close touch in the future.”  Sue


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from Carrie’s course, it sounded at first like some old gathering of the boys brigade… However, at a time in my life where the need to feel bolder and better was at the forefront I grabbed the offer from Carrie to join, and I’m so glad I did. The course has been like nectar to a bee for me over the last few months, I couldn’t get enough of it! It’s been an uplifting experience to say the least, with support and guidance from the enigmatic Carrie Rose and encouragement from new formed friends within the group, the weeks have flown by and at the end I am left with a huge sense of achievement, of wellbeing and a renewed zest for life and the future! Who doesn’t want to feel good…… I now feel great!”  Aidan Burnett-Herd


“Carrie’s course was positive and uplifting and I drew much strength from the other people in the group.  She was able to encourage people to take action, admit to their dreams and gain the strength to push them forward.  I certainly ended the course on a much stronger level than when I started.  Thank you Carrie.”  Nicki


“I would highly recommend Carrie’s course. It has opened my eyes to so many aspects of my life which I can improve significantly and given me many realistic ideas and tools on how to move forward. Adults of any age would benefit from these truly inspirational sessions.”  Maria French


“The course has made me crackle with energy and motivation to maximise every aspect of my life.”  Anna Thomson


“Joining Carrie’s course was an extremely positive experience for me. It inspired me to take control of my life in an open and friendly environment and many of the topics discussed I now incorporate into my daily life. Do it and be inspired too!”  Vanessa


“Truly inspirational – I’m on my way to being the person I’m meant to be! I’ve grown to trust who I want to be and know what I need to do to be that person.”  Meliny


“Thank you for devising such an empowering and thought-provoking course. It has truly inspired me to have a more fun and fulfilling life. You have given me permission to be the real me!”  Linda


“For the first time, I am allowing myself to spend time on me! Carrie’s course has helped me to believe that I can help myself and take steps to improve my life. I feel so positive and confident having taken small steps forward. The course has been a fun way to learn more about myself.”  Sarah Wing